1. Before you start

  •  Before opening your shutters, check the packaging of your product carefully for any damage that might have occurred during delivery.

  • Do not throw out any packaging until you are satisfied that your shutters are installed and working properly.

  • Ensure you have enough space to assemble your shutter frames (ideally in front of the windows).

  • Carefully remove all components, panels and frames from the packaging. Check the red packaging label for the contents, and ensure you have everything before you begin.

  • Work on one window at a time, and be careful not to mix frames or panels intended for other windows. 

2. Getting Started

  • Lay out your frame on the floor, facing upwards. (Labels on the frame-cutting side of each component will allow you to identify the top, bottom, left and right of the frame).

  • Sit the four corners of the frame on a flat surface. Use the Hoffman key to keep the two corners together, and ensure they line up. (Insert the Hoffman key with the rounded side facing up, and keep the flat side of the key level with the back of the frame).

3. T-Post

  • If you've ordered a T-post, you will notice that it's labelled top and bottom.

  • Position the T-post ensuring the pre-drilled holes are aligned with the top and bottom of the frame.

  • Secure with the screws provided.

4. Installing the Frame

  • Place the frame so that it is evenly positioned around the inside of the window frame.

  • Screw the frame into the upper left-hand corner only.

  • After you've secured the left side, level the frame inside the window.

  • Secure a screw in the upper right-hand side.


5. Installing the Panels

  • Position the panels one by one in the frame, then secure with the hinge pins. You can adjust the hinges slightly up or down if needed.

  • Position all the panels inside the shutter frame, in the closed position, and secure with the hinge pins. Ensure all panels are even across the bottom. If they aren't, shift the frame carefully from left to right until all the panels line up.

  • Secure the bottom left-hand frame using the screws provided, and then repeat on the bottom right-hand side.

  • Ensure that your panel operated properly and that there is enough of gap between the frame and the panels. If necessary, adjust the gap using the hinge spacers provided.

  • If you're satisfied that the panel works, use the screws to secure the middle of the bottom, top and side frames. As you work, move the side frames in and out a little - this will ensure there is adequate movement between the frame and panels.

  • If your window is out of square, you may notice some gaps between the shutter frame and the window, particularly if you are using an inside-mount L frame. These gaps should be filled with white gap filler as required.