Hinged Shutters

We made shutters in three premium material: PVC, Basswood and Paulownia. 

  • PVC shutters is waterproofed, so they can be installed in bathroom and kitchen area. There are 8 standard colours for PVC shutters, and custom colours are available. 

  • Basswood Shutters are one of the most popular products of us, they can provide you a style of natural, and hard enough to keep the structure in a long time. There are 10 standard colours for Basswood shutters, including 5 wooden stained colours. And custom colours are available.

  • Paulownia Shutters has a straight texture, the material is light and soft with a strong grain pattern. There are 10 standard colours for Paulownia shutters as Basswood shutters, including 5 wooden stained colours. And custom colours are available.


Shaped Shutters

If you have an odd-shaped window, then we have shaped shutters to fit. We make shutters to suit every style of shaped window, including arched, circles, triangles, ovals and ellipses. If your window is a standard shape, we can easily produce your perfect product in our factory. Otherwise, simple draw us a template. Please use a whole piece of paper or board card, and mark the face on the template to avoid any confusion. We'll send you a CAD drawing to approve before we start work.


Doors & Bay Window

Sliding shutters or bi-fold shutters are ideal for larger windows, patio doors and wardrobes, and they also offer a wonderfully practical way to separate rooms. These shutters are suspended from a top track and are available in a bi-fold system, allowing them to be folded back along the track at a 90-degree angle. This means you can slide the panels behind or in front of one another to open or close the shutters We can make bespoke sliding shutters to fit your individual requirements, and they can be fitted either with or without side frames.

Show off your home's beautiful architectural features with specially fitted door and bay window shutters. Bay windows and corner windows are an elegant and timeless feature of many Australian homes, but it can be difficult finding a window treatment that fits their curvaceous proportions. Our plantation shutters offer a practical window solution with a clean, streamlined finish that won't distract from the special aesthetics of your architectural showpiece. These shutters can be fitted to any window shape and, unlike rattly blinds or swaying curtains, they remain in place too.